Price: $29

Seller: Mike Hanson
State: Minnesota
City: Minneapolis
Zip code: 55445
Type: Watches & Jewelry

A Drop of Dew
The blue gem is not only something that can be worn with a tight chain but also something that worth your affection on somebody who love to get mesmerized with your elegant view. The beautiful pendant is something that worth your money and affection. The sense of beauty can be defined in a different way with this exquisite pendant. It looks like a dew drop, but one may not have seen such a beautiful dew drop that worth all the beautiful words that can properly explain the sense of eternal beauty.
Make yourself more attractive and beautiful, not just from inside but outside also. Words may not be the just to express it but the look should be absolute to explain the elegance of your heart. Get such a beautiful pendant and live with the elegance and magnificence that everybody adores.
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